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ICLHE has published several books of collected papers since 2003, one of which is only in e-book form. These books are all still available, please contact info@iclhe.org if you want to purchase a copy.


Block, D. & Moncada-Comas, B. (2019): English-medium instruction in higher education and the ELT gaze: STEM lecturers’ self-positioning as NOT English language teachers, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, DOI: 10.1080/13670050.2019.1689917

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Lasagabaster, D. Doiz, A., Gómez Lacabex, E. & Kopinska, M. (2021) Learning history in English: Language-related materials for students. Servicio Editorial UPV/EHU. ISBN: 978-84-1319-303-8 https://web-argitalpena.adm.ehu.es/listaproductos.asp?IdProducts=UHPDF203038&titulo=Learning%20history%20in%20English.%20Language-related%20materials%20for%20students

Maíz-Arévalo, C., & Orduna-Nocito, E. (2021) “Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence: A Cornerstone in EMI in-service Training Programmes in Higher Education.” Alicante Journal of English Studies. DOI: 10.14198/raei.2021.34.01

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