ICLHE Symposium 2018


Title: Plurality and singularity: Multilingual policies and specific situated academic actions

Date: 18-19 October 2018

Venue: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.


The symposium explores the linguistic and cultural atmosphere of higher education institutions where the social environment may demand the use of two or more languages and where the stakeholders, in particular students and staff, may have many different first languages and may hold competences in three, four, five or even more languages. This symposium wants to explore how multilingual policies can support universities in recognizing and developing their own specificities in a highly globalized world. The symposium aims to reflect on the tension between a hegemonic university system -which tends to blur language diversity to offer teaching and research just in English- and language policies that stimulate multiple language practice. How can universities make good use of the diversity of languages and cultures in their community to strengthen their uniqueness?


Thursday 18 October: UPF seminar, followed by ICLHE Annual General Meeting  2018.

Friday 19 October: ICLHE Symposium.


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