ICLHE 2015 Goals and Objectives

ICLHE 2015 aims to bring together expertise on the integration of content and language in higher education. In this way, the goal is to collate and share good practice and the results of research in this increasingly important aspect of higher education. Proceedings will be disseminated through the publication of a book and via electronic distribution.

In higher education, the reasons behind providing programmes taught through foreign languages, especially English, seem related funding, recruitment, rankings and internationalisation. It is clear that pedagogy and learning process do not play a role in influencing university stakeholders. ICL has always aimed at redressing the balance by also observing the reasons for adopting pedagogical and didactic approaches to the integration of content and language.

The objectives of ICLHE 2015:

  • to identify good practice in the introduction of content and language integrated learning in higher education
  • to identify good practice in instructional design for integrated learning
  • to identify effective didactic techniques that promote the development of both content and language
  • to promote critical awareness of didactic practices in the local environment by stimulating comparison with practices elsewhere
  • to identify adaptations to both content and language learning that may enhance mono- and multi-disciplinary learning
  • to highlight the challenges to assessment and evaluation practices that integrated learning poses and to disseminate effective responses that institutions have developed

The communications at ICLHE 2015 should provide sound evidence that can assist educationalists, academic teaching staff, and programme directors in establishing new integrated programmes and courses and improving existing ones.


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