Keynote speakers 2006

_DSC8429Prof. David Crystal was our first keynote speaker, giving an address on “Towards a philosophy of language management“.  The keynote was published in the book of selected papers (2007) and is also available of David Crystal’s website.

David Crystal’s website.

_DSC8733Prof. Jeroen van Merriënboer, (Open University of the Netherlands), gave the second keynote on “Instructional design and cognitive load”. The talk is unfortunately not available as Prof. Merriënboer had published several articles in which the content was already available (three of which are listed here).

  • Van Merriënboer, J. J. G., Kester, L., & Paas, F. (2006). Teaching complex rather than simple tasks: Balancing intrinsic and germane load to enhance transfer of learning. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 20, 343-352.
  • Van Merriënboer, J. J. G., Clark, R. E., & de Croock, M. B. M. (2006). Blueprints for complex learning: The 4C/ID-model. In J. Eggink & E. van der Werf (Eds.), Competency-based: A new approach to learning in Dutch higher education (pp. 29-57). Groningen, The Netherlands: Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences
  • Könings, K. D., Brand-Gruwel, S., & van Merriënboer, J. J. G. (2005). Towards more powerful learning environments through combining the perspectives of designers, teachers, and students. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 75, 645-660.

Jeroen van Merriënboer’s professional affiliation (2018)

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