Keynote speakers 2003

The keynote speakers at the first ICLHE Conference aimed to cover national and local administrative and organizational strategy as well as academic goals. (Note: Photos do not come from the time of the conference.)

Geert HofstedeGeert Hofstede, “Culture and language”.

Paul Holdsworth (European Commission), “EU policy onPaul Holdsworth language learning and linguistic diversity as it relates to Content and Language Integrated Learning and Higher Education”.



Jo Ritzen

Jo Ritzen (President, Maastricht University), “Across the bridge: Towards an international university”.


Anita Lehikoinen 2Anita Lehikoinen (Ministry of Education, Helsinki, Finland), “Foreign language-medium education as national strategy”.



Heinz-L. Nastansky (DAAD, Bonn, Germany), “National strategy in the internationalisation of higher education: The German perspective”.

Vijay BhatiaVijay Bhatia (City University of Hong Kong, China), “Academic literacy in higher education”.


Kari Smith

Kari Smith (Oranim Academic College of Education, Israel), “Studying in an additional language: What is gained, what is lost, and what is assessed?”.

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