ICLHE AGM & Symposium 2018, Barcelona, October 18-19.

The Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona will host this year’s ICLHE Annual General Meeting, together with an exciting Symposium, entitled “Plurality and singularity: Multilingual policies and specific situated academic actions”.

Update 14 September: Places are still available: click here to register.

The symposium explores the linguistic and cultural atmosphere of higher education institutions where the social environment may demand the use of two or more languages. This symposium wants to explore how multilingual policies can support universities in recognizing and developing their own specificities in a highly globalized world. How can universities make good use of the diversity of languages and cultures in their community to strengthen their uniqueness?

Speakers* include Heath Rose (U. Oxford, UK), Joyce Kling & Sanne Larsen (U. Copenhagen), Helen Basturkmen (U. Auckland), Carmen Pérez & Miriea Trenchs (UPF), and Robert Wilkinson & René Gabriëls (Maastricht U).

*We regret that the speaker who was on the original programme, Josep Anton Fernández, is now unable to attend.

Updated details (23 July) are on this website: https://iclhe.org/conferences/iclhe-symposium-2018/  Save the date: 18-19 October 2018 and see you in Barcelona!

Registration is necessary via the UPF website (click here): deadline 28 September or earlier if all places are filled!

Note: The Symposium begins on Thursday 18 October with a keynote address.

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